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The AR3000A is an evolutionary step forward from the highly acclaimed AR3000, many major improvements have been implemented at the requests of enthusiastic listeners and commercial organisations. Search and scan speed has been increased to an unprecedented 50 increments per second.

Your listening horizons are truly extended with receive coverage from 100 kHz all the way up to 2036 MHz without any gaps in the range. The AR3000A an extremely wide coverage with high level of performance and versatility from long wave through short-wave, VHF and onward to the upper limits of UHF and SHF.

The high level of performance is achieved by using 15 band pass filters before the GaAsFET RF amplifiers unlike many other receivers which rely largely on broad band amplifiers. This ensures high sensitivity through the entire coverage with outstanding dynamic range and freedom from intermodulation effects.

Not only will the AR3000A cover this extremely wide range, it will allow listening on any mode: NFM, WFM, AM, USB, LSB and CW.

Tuning rates are selectable from an fine 50 Hz step for SSB and CW right the way up to 999.95 kHz for the TV and VHF broadcast bands, x10 increase and SLOW buttons quickly change tuning rates for convenience and speed. A free running rotary tuning control provides the best possible method of user-interface along with the numeric keypad.

An RS232 port is provided as standard enabling full remote control of the receiver.

There are 400 memory channels arranges as 4 x 100 and 4 search banks, frequency lockout, priority, frequency offset, step adjust etc all make the AR3000A a feature packed unit.

The AR3000A is powered from 12V d.c., a suitable mains power supply is provided with the receiver. Other accessories include a telescopic whip aerial, d.c. lead and operating manual.



Model AR3000A
Receiver coverage 100 kHz ~ 2036 MHz
Tuning selection 50 Hz - 999.95 kHz - programmable
Receiving modes AM, WFM, NFM, USB, LSB & CW
Number of memory channels 400 total (4 x 100)
Number of search banks Four
Aerial connection 50 OHM BNC
Audio output 0.7 WATTS 8 OHM load @ 10% distortion
Power requirement External 12V DC @ 0.5A (nominal 13.8V) negative ground approx.
Size 138mm (W) x 80mm (H) x 200mm (D) Approx. excluding projections
Weight 1.2kgs


AR3000A Options

MM1 Mobile mounting bracket for AR3000/AR3000A
CR400 Tape record lead
AA2001 Replacement power supply for Ar3000A (3-pin plug top)
DC3000 12V DC lead for the AR3000 etc. Can be fitted with cigar plug
3000PC RS232 lead to 25 way PC serial plug (other connections made to order) for AR3000
DA3000 16 element discone aerial specifically designed to match the AR3000 receiver-of course
it is suitable for other similar coverage receivers. Usable coverage 25MHz to 2,000MHz
(2GHz). Supplied with 15m of coaxial cable and terminated in a BNC plug.
SA7000 Twin Element ultra wide band receive aerial 30kHz to 2,000 MHz (2GHz). Supplied with
15m of coaxial cable and terminated in a BNC.
RA2001 Right angled telescopic aerial terminated in a BNC plug as used with the AR3000
Searchlight Windows software for AR3000/A. Supports Windows 3.1z/Win95 with 4MbRAM



The AR3000A+ (PLUS) is the result of popular request by enthusiasts and carries several custom modifications which have been developed and implemented in our UK workshop. A summary of the additions and operation follows:


WEFAX SATELLITE narrower switchable filter

The WEFAX custom modification has been designed to optimise the receiver’s pass-band for reception of orbital weather satellites operating in the VHF band around 137.500 MHz and geostationary satellites operating in the UHF band around 1691 MHz. Ideally an I.F. bandwidth of 30 - 50 kHz is required for reasonable results, unmodified the AR3000A is too narrow on NFM and too wide on WFM.

Of course you still require some form of data decoder such as the AOR WX2000 decoder/printer (no longer available as new) or a computer hardware / software package. For VHF reception a crossed dipole is quite adequate but a dish or yagi is required for UHF along with a LNA (low noise amplifier).

NARROW AM switchable filter

The narrow AM filter custom has been designed to optimise the receiver’s pass-band for reception of short wave AM broadcast transmissions. Generally speaking on long and medium wave a 9 kHz channel spacing is used (in Europe) and a 5 kHz channel spacing for short wave. The standard AR3000A AM filter is 12 kHz as this permits reception of "offset" civil airband transmissions, the same filter is also used for NFM.

The modification adds a rear panel switchable narrow AM filter (the same switch as used for WEFAX switching - both are switched at the same time), the filter specification bandwidth is 4.0 kHz but when fitted "in circuit" is actually wider than this. There is still a very worthwhile improvement which helps reduce BLOCKING when listening close to a strong transmission, heterodynes may also be reduced or removed when listening to many transmissions. There is also a small increase in sensitivity over the standard filter by a few dB.

SDU5000 spectrum display "ready"

A new spectrum display unit designed to compliment the AR3000A, in order to provide compatibility, a custom modification has to be carried out to ensure the AR3000A+ (PLUS) is ready to go!

Summary of SDU5000: The SDU5000 Spectrum Display Unit adds a variety of features to extend a receiver’s capabilities, such

as visually identifying new active frequencies and taking measurements. The SDU-5000 may be used with a number of receivers which have a 10.7 MHz I.F. output and produces a bandwidth up to ± 5 MHz in 1 kHz increments with a resolution of 5 kHz or 30 kHz. The SDU-5000 remains compact due to the use of an internal 3.1" HQM simple matrix 16 colour LCD 192 dot x 210 dot.

An external home colour television with video input may also been connected (PAL or NTSC). In particular the AR3000A has been designed to provide best compatibility by communicating directly via the receiver’s CPU via the RS232 port / SDU-5000 COM1 ensuring the full potential of the SDU may be exploited.

Tape recorder compatibility

This custom modification enables the AR3000A to provide better compatibility with a range of off the shelf tape recorders. The receiver uses a pair of Darlington transistors for tape motor On/Off control. While this is suitable for many machines, some require independent relay contacts.

The modification consists of a small internally fitted double pole slave relay driven by the switching transistors. One pair of relay contacts feed back to the AUX socket via a 10 OHM resistor (to prevent relay sticking) and provides independent relay contacts not referenced to ground. The second pair of contacts feed audio to the AUX socket when the squelch is open with a high value resistor preventing noise pick-up when the contact is open. Constant audio is still fed to another pin of the AUX socket taken from a point before the relay (audio is permanently fed so that commercial users may decode CTCSS signals without encountering any squelch rise time). This makes the tape output modification ideally suited for direct DC switching of tape motors (not mains!) and for voice activated systems.

Discriminator output

This custom modification provides an output to the rear panel AUX socket taken directly from the FM MC3357 IC. This ensures the best compatibility with specialist data receives used on the VHF bands for decoding pagers etc.

AR3000A Block Diagram



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