Wide Band Communication Receiver DJ-X3E
The Airwaves are alive with action that never stops.
Let Alinco's DJ-X3 take you there !

There's a world of adventure riding the airwaves and Alinco's DJ-X3E puts you in the middle of the action. Get tomorrow's news today from short wave foreign broadcasts. Listen to ham radio operators enjoying their hobby. Attach optional stereo headphones or amplified speakers and enjoy a stereo FM transmission featuring your favorite music. But wait, there's more ! Your DJ-X3E can help you find hidden transmitters that may bug your home, office or hotel room. You can also decode inversion scrambled signals.

Standard Features
Coverage range: 0.1 to 1300 MHz (complete range!)
700 memory channels (10 banks x 70ch/bank)
20 pairs of programmed-scan memory channels, 8 priority channels and 100 search-pass memory channels that skips scan even in VFO/Programmed-scan mode
VFO, Programmed, Preset, and Memory scan modes with memory-skip capability
Scans 20steps p/s in VFO mode, 10 channels p/s in memory mode.
11 different steps plus an automatic-step mode
Palm-fitting, lightweight, easy-to-carry compact body
WFM, WFM/stereo, NFM and AM modes
An SMA rubber-ducky, earphone (optional) and internal ferrite-bar antennas (AM/SW) improve reception capability and operational flexibility.
Bug detector finds hidden transmitters
Wide variety of optional accessories to choose from
High quality audio, capable of smooth STEREO listening, too !(optional stereo speaker or headphone required)
Super-sensitive Triple Conversion circuit
Large, illuminated display
/E versions come with a dry-cell case only

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RX frequency range: 0.100 to 1,299.995MHz (we sell only the european version with no gabs!)
Mode: AM, FM, WFM, WFM stereo
Antenna imp.: 50 ohms unbalanced / SMA
Battery voltage: 3.6Vdc to 6.0 Vdc
External DC power source: 4.5V to 16Vdc
Battery consumption: 150mA nominal/ stand-by 75mA/ battery-save ON(1:4 cycle) 39mA
Operating temperature: -10 to 60 C or 14 to 140 F
Frequency stability: +/- 5 ppm at operating temperature range.
Dimension without projection: 56(W) X 102(H) X 23 (D) mm
Weight: 145g with Ni-MH battery pack and a rubber-duck antenna
RX System: Triple super heterodyne
1st IF: 248.45MHz
2nd IF: 38.85MHz
3rd IF: 450KHz
RX selectivity:
AM/FM : -6dB/12KHz or over -60dB/30KHz or less WFM : -6dB/150KHz or over
RX sensitivity(Typical):
FM / 30 to 550MHz : less than -3dBu/12dB SINAD, 550MHz and up: less than 0dBu/12dB SINAD)
WFM / less than 13dBu (12dBu SINAD)
AM / 0.5 to 1.62MHz : less than 17dBu (10dB S/N), 1.62MHz and up : less than 5dBu (10dB S/N)
AF output: Max 220mW or more (8ohms)
Seite in deutscher Sprache hier! (also Software Download!)
Software Download for Alinco DJX3E

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